Materials, Budget and Timetable

Materials and Budget

  • Solidworks License with Flow Simulation: $20,000
  • Computer capable of Flow Simulations: $2,000
  • 3D Printer: MakerBot MP05950 Replicator Z18 3D Printer: $7,000
  • Raw plastic printing materials: $1,000
  • Wind Tunnel: $50,000
  • Matlab License $2,000

Our total budget is $82,000 for the initial stage of research for this project. Lab space for this research could be based in my garage, work space will be provided.


Reasonably speaking, this entire project could be completed in the matter of a few weeks. I would assign a timeline like the following:


  • 3 weeks of CAD design and flow visualizations
  • 1 week to 3D print models
  • 2 weeks of wind tunnel testing
  • 1 week of fluid flow evaluation